Skoda Octavia


This car belongs to comfort class. When designing new Skoda Octavia the manufacturer tried to improve to the maximum the appearance of the car, leaving common recognizable features from the previous generation model.

The car belongs to “C” class, i.e. it is a worthful representative of the middle class. However, this is proved not only by dimensions, passenger compartment, but also rich technical filling. Even the standard model of the automobile is equipped with all necessary options for a modern driver.

Skoda Octavia is characterized by particular restraint, practicality. It is an ideal solution for people who prefer decent quality and comfort.

You can order taxi either in advance or directly before a trip.


The cost of a taxi can be specified online at the website, via the application or by contacting a dispatcher by phone 600-00-00.

Please note that when ordering a taxi online you will be given 30% discount.