Main priorities for "Taxi 6000000" are safety, comfort and quality. Our company stands for:

1. Quality

  • Careful selection of drivers based on high requirements for professionalism working experience and communication skills.
  • Usage of cars doesn't exceed three years.
  • Quick handling of offers and complaints -

2. Comfort
  • Efficient dispatcher service and functional applications for all mobile devices.
  • English speaking operators.
  • 4 Car classes
  • On-line taxi order via website or free application, with an opportunity of casheless payment.
  • Availability of cars specially equipped for handicapped people.
  • Availability of child's seats for our small passengers (>3 years old).
  • Opportunity to render a detailed invoice of all trips to the customer at the end of the month.
  • Wi-Fi in every car.

3. Safety
  • Very day technical inspection of all vehicles before usage.
  • Every day medical inspection of all drivers.
  • All cars are equipped with a satellite navigation system.
  • Our car fleet includes more than 500 vehicles; therefore a car waiting time is around 10 minutes.
  • All cars are equipped with GPS navigation and Wi-Fi

Traffic jams don't influence the price, every trip is calculated during the car order and can be changed only due to the route modification or a long waiting time